Tezos Smart Contracts Used by French Army Since September

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Tezos Smart Contracts Used by French Army Since SeptemberTezos has become the first blockchain to be used for operational purposes by a public entity. The French Army has been utilizing the blockchain to validate its judicial expenses via a smart contract.In a ground-breaking announcement, it has just emerged that the French government has been actively working on Tezos.In a confirmation earlier today, the French Army and the Gendarmerie’s Information & Public Relations Center (SIRPA) has said that the government entity has been using Tezos since September. It has been leveraging it to track judicial costs for operational purposes.The division within the French army working on Tezos is the cybercrime division, C3N. A recently-instated program allows for C3N to acquire cryptocurrency payments from Europol-allocated funds to pay for operational costs. To ensure these funds stay traceable and auditable, C3N has chosen Tezos to record each cost. They have created a smart contract on Tezos to do so.The smart contract created by C3N has been private, with only permitted individuals being allowed to see it. This is to ensure that operational costs are not disclosed to everyone which could jeopardize ongoing judicial investigations.The story was first reported by Nomadic Labs, the leading research organization associated with Tezos.The French Armies and the SIRPA announced that since September 2019, the @Gendarmerie #cybercrime division (#C3N) has been validating judicial expenses incurred during investigations and recording them on the #Tezos #blockchain.➡️ Press release: https://t.co/TF64U6Psvy pic.twitter.com/CqGbZjXBfx – Nomadic Labs (@LabosNomades) November 20, 2019The news is effectively the first confirmation of a public entity issuing an operational smart contract on a

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