The Ultimate Ronin S Rig – two handed filming (DRAFT).

It’s been such a pain pulling this all together here in Australia – Smallrig – you should sell these in packages / kits – but here it is. ALL PARTS LINKED BELOW.

Some item’s were listed here in OZ, some weren’t available to ship here.

Some parts didn’t come up in Amazon search pages & needed to be found by manual scrolling through each brand page – the parts lists & range was different from .com &

So was quite a bit of research over a few nights manually scrolling through product pages to collate & find all the bits & build the rig (with a few new additions to the box of shame!).

A slightly tighter version of the Brotographers ( build – this build has the handles lower so there gimbal arm is free to spin (no risk of tangles), it also keeps your thumb closer to the controls to hit roll / record & change modes.

This balances the rig (center of your core), keeps your elbows close (so you can brace for stability) & is easy to invert into low mode – & also opens up a range of other mounting opps.

I talk through a couple basic mods I made, the double screw tweak was a life saver (no more loose or spinning bottom plate).

That’s it – the full build – enjoy – I hope the links help & if you do buy I might get a few cents back from the affiliate links.

Let me know how you go in the comments below – happy shooting!


**always check again before buying as sellers may vary the listing / pricing.

SMALLRIG Gimbal Accessories for DJI Ronin S Mounting Plate

CAMVATE DSLR Wood Wooden NATO Handle Grip (A Pair)

SMALLRIG 15mm Carbon Fiber Rod for 15mm

SMALLRIG 15mm Railblock Rod Clamp

SMALLRIG Camera Base Plate with Rod Rail Clamp

MANFROTTO Accessories 323 Fast Quick Change Rectangular Plate Adapter

BLACK 50CM FPV HDMI Cable Micro HDMI male Interface 90 degree to Standard HDMI male Interface for Gopro A7RII A7SII A9 A6500 A6300(REVERSE SOCKET OF A6000)**HD montoring only / does not support 4K monitoring / super delicate, handle with care**


RONIN S Remote Cable


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