Did Metabones FIX Canon EOS R 4K? (EF to RF Speed Booster First Look)

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Ever since the Canon EOS R came out, the 4K mode’s crop factor was a real issue for a lot of people. Not because the image quality was bad… or not even because it had a crop…it was the fact that the crop was an awkward 1.8x crop making is WORSE than an APS-C camera! Well…now…out of nowhere, Metabones makes the new Canon EF to RF speed booster ULTRA 0.71x (EOS R)! Does this new mount change everything for the EOS R in 4k? Will this come in handy for the new RED Komodo camera? This also works great on the Canon EOS RP but you don’t have the autofocus in 4K using dual pixel.

In this video, we test the resolution in 4k vs. 1080p. Full frame and crop mode. Autofocus tests using eye autofocus modes. ISO and low light tests, and more!

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