XRP & Ripple on the BBC NEWS, Navin Gupta Live Stream, German Banks to Custody & Sell Cryptocurrency

DeepTalk is an interactive series on Deep Tech where leaders, experts, and trendsetters at the forefront of technological change, discuss and share their unique perspective and knowledge in disruptive technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, FinTech, IoT and more with our vast community of professionals.

The 4th edition of DeepTalk brings to surface one of the most important questions on everybody’s mind: how Blockchain can grow beyond crypto and solve the real problems of the industry? In other words, whether it makes sense to stay invested in Blockchain now? Navin Gupta, MD of Ripple, the largest user of Blockchain around the world, will discuss this and other key issues on empowering the ecosystem elements around Blockchain including the government, educational institutions and professionals. And how all this will impact the adoption of this disruptive technology in the coming days.

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