Vanguard FREEBIE, Heroic Hulk Finale, 500 Tix Grand Challenge Packs Opening! WWE SuperCard

After the announcement of LMS for this week, I didn’t want to pro my Hulk, but we somehow managed to make it to Vanguard tier and get our freebie, and 500 Tix of Grand Challenge Packs happened with TONS of Primals and Fortified Stuff!!! Also, today you can get old S1,S2, and S3 cards from the board!! What have you pulled so far? Did you get the Candy Kane quest yet?

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Q: How do you play games on your computer?
A: I pretty much use an Android 5.1 device mirrored to my Computer via Reflector 2, and use OBS to Record and to stream on Youtube. I also use Bluestacks a bunch ( Android emulator) .

Q: How do I get Bluestacks?
A: Go to… Then download it…

Q: What recording software do you use/broadcast with?
A: I use OBS. It’s free and you can do so much with it – Just look at a couple of OBS tutorials here and you’re all set!!

Q: Can you give me any tips?
A: There are tips and tricks in EVERY episode – just watch

Q: Will you give me a shoutout?
A: Not like that. There are plenty of ways to get them 1 – Be an active member in the Commentunity * The Comments section* 2 – Come to the Live broadcasts and chat/ask questions there 3 – Random easter egg hunts in videos

Q: How old are you?
A: Well, at the time of this video, I’m either 44, or not.

Q: Are you really a teacher?
A: Yes! The 2017-8 school year is my 21st year as a Jr. High Choir/General Music Teacher.

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