XMRig Setup on 4 x Ryzen 3900X miner for Monero RandomX

*********************** BIOS & WINDOWS SETUP (updated 11/6/2019) ***********************

Update the BIOS on the mother board before trying to start. The mother board will not boot with the 3900X without a BIOS update.
1) Copy the Firmware to a USB. It must be empty.
2) Rename the Firmware to C7H.CAP
3) Turn off the power. You use the 120V switch.
4) Plug in the USB to the port labeled BIOS on the bottom left
5) Plug in the power supply. But, keep the mother board off. The heat sink light will flash.
6) Wait a few minute and then press the BIOS button on the back for 3 seconds. The button should start flashing.
7) Then press the button again for 3 seconds. This might take many attempts. It is a pain in the arse, but will eventually load.
8) The button then should flash much faster for about 5 minutes. If LED goes solid on it is an error. Restart the power and restart the flashing. Successful bios update the BIOS button LED turns off after flashing fast.
9) The button LED should eventually turn off.

BIOS EZ Tuning Wizard
1) Just run the EZ Tuning Wizard at the Top.
2) Choose Daily Computing on the left
3) Choose box fan on the left
4) Choose office computer (Do not choose gaming)
5) Continue until Reboot
6) Do Not load previous values unless there is a system problem

BIOS Setup CPU Voltage
1) In Extreme Tweaker / CPU Core Voltage / Set to Manual Mode
2) In CPU Core Voltage Override / Type in 1.100V in the AUTO box

BIOS Memory Setup
1) In Extreme Tweaker / Ai Overclock Tuner / set to D.O.C.P Standard
2) In the next line should automatically show your particular memory stick settings
3) Menu Should automaticall set Memory Frequency to DDR4-3600MHz

BIOS Boot Setup
1) (To prevent Q-Code 1F), turn off fast boot in the Boot menu.
2) In Boot Configuration, Disable Boot up Numlock State

Put Batch File in Startup Folder to Run Miner Automatically.
1) Press Windows key and R
2) Run shell:startup
3) Put the file to run the miner in the Starup Folder

@echo off

@echo off
start “” “C:Program FilesCPUIDHWMonitorHWMonitor.exe”

Windows Settings
1) Have password autoload
2) choose Show Additional Plans and set Power Plan to High Performance
3) Have monitor never turn off
4) Have computer never sleep
5) Set Power Setting to High Performance
6) Update Advanced Options:
Check Recive updates on other microsoft products.
Check Restart Device as soon as possible.
7) Type User Account Control Settings and set to Never Notify

Enable Large Page Support in Windows 10.
1) From the Start menu, open Local Security Policy (under Administrative Tools).
2) Under Local PoliciesUser Rights Assignment, double click the Lock Pages in Memory setting.
3) Click Add User or Group and type your Windows user name and click Check Names
4) Either log off and then log back in or restart your computer – unfortunately it won’t work without this step.

DO NOT Install AMD Ryzen Master. It does not configure the CPU voltage below 1.2V

Download and install HWMonitor from www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html

Go to the ASUS Motherboard website and download and install.
1) Utilities
2) Chipset

Verify Mining is running about 200 Watts total and about 12,100 hash. Use CPUID HWMonitor to verify the following.
1) All 12 core voltages are about 1.063V
2) Total Power for all cores is about 72W
3) CPU Temperature is about 65 deg C

*********************** XMRig Setup (Updated 11/20/2019) ***********************

1) Choose xmrig-X.X.X-gcc-win64.zip from https://xmrig.com/download
2) UnQuarantine the exe files from virus protection. This is normal because many minerbots run xmrig algorithms to get free crypto. You may have to unquarantine the exe file a few times.
3) Copy all files to a miner directory. I usually use c:MinerXMRig
4) Make sure to let virus protection finish scan when transferring

Config File Setup

1) set “algo”: “auto”,
2) “url”: “pool.supportxmr.com:5555”,
3) In the “user”: line put your monero address in quotes.
4) “keepalive”: true,
5) “Donate-level”: 1,

Install HWMonitor from https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html. The free version is fine.

Put Batch File in Startup Folder to Run Miner Automatically.

1) Press Windows key and R
2) Run shell:startup
3) Put the file to run the miner in the Starup Folder. I call it StartXMRig.cmd
4) Create the two batch files below and copy them to the Startup Folder

Filename: StartXMRig.cmd Contents below:
@echo off

Filename: HWMonitor.cmd Contents below:
@echo off
start “” “C:Program FilesCPUIDHWMonitorHWMonitor.exe”

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