.Crypto Domains & Wallets Have Arrived!

Get your .Crypto domain name here – https://chrisdunn.com/unstoppable (I will double all affiliate commissions and send to Hong Kong protestors)

I am a lover of liberty, freedom of speech, and decentralizing power…
And a decentralized web helps give the power back to repressed journalists, content creators, and people that want more control over their web properties.

So today I’m talking with Brad Kam, the co-founder of unstoppable domains.
Today they launched the brand new .crypto decentralized domain names, which also serve as a simplified cryptocurrency wallet address!

I rarely ever do interviews with crypto startups, but I love crypto projects that actually have REAL products.

Also, I’m going to take any affiliate commissions I make from this video, DOUBLE the amount, and send it to the Hong Kong protesters…

After all, they’re fighting for liberty and democracy against a repressive government that HATES freedom of speech!

Get your .crypto domain name here – https://chrisdunn.com/unstoppable


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