THIS TRICKSHOT GOT ON BCC TROLLING (Live Chat Reaction + Christmas Tree Costume)

How to hit a game winning trickshot in Fortnite Chapter 2: wear a Christmas tree costume, jump out of a snowman, and freak out after. Game winning no scope trick shot got us on BCC Trolling, Daily Fortnite Battle Royale Moments, and Red Arcade Fortnite montages! This is the best Christmas trickshot of all time. Shout out and thanks to BCC Trolling for putting our clip in the video. This clip was hit on stream so I included the live chat reaction and my reaction going back and watching it on stream with everyone. Watch the whole video to see me react to the game winning trickshot right after I hit it on stream. Hit up the Twitch to see us hit more trickshots! lol. Love you all.

BracketsLIVE on Twitch:

 BCC Trolling video at 5:37

Daily Fortnite Battle Royale Moments at 1:58

YouTube Brackets Fortnite chapter 2 live stream getting a game winning trick shot no scope. This shot was on BCC Trolling a few days ago. Thank you all for the support. Will this get on the best Fortnite trickshots of 2019 montage? Lol. Hopefully the Christmas tree costume can bump us to the number 1 spot.

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