Singapore ✈ Manila | PMDG 77W SIA ✇ P3D

Flying the PMDG 777-300ER from Singapore Changi (WSSS) to Manila International (RPLL) in Prepar3D v4.

0:00:00 Intro | flightplan | dep brief
0:08:45 Pushback & taxiout
0:21:00 Takeoff & climb
0:33:15 Descent | app brief
0:49:00 Approach & landing
0:55:50 Chaseplane replays
1:01:15 Taxi-in & shutdown

To quote a knighted poet who mixed a lot – “I like wide-bodies, and I cannot lie…”

Interesting links on Changi Airport and SIA: – Straits Times video on T5 construction

Prepar3D v4 | Active Sky | ChasePlane
PMDG 77W with FS2crew
Imaginesim WSSS | Samscene Singapore City | PacSim RPLL
AI traffic – various freeware models & repaints | utlive
Tomatoshade | R&D preset
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Disclaimer for anyone inclined to take any of this too seriously: Flightsim is just a fun hobby, and I only play a triple-seven driver on tv 😉 Stay calm and carry on.

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