Canon 5D Mark IV vs EOS R – What camera is better?

In this video we are going to answer what camera is better, the Canon 5D Mark IV or the Canon EOS R.

This is the first and last video you will need to watch to figure out what camera is best for you. We’ll be scoring their performance and declaring a winner.

0:50 Image Processor
1:10 Resolution
1:23 Lens selection and adapters
2:41 Video Bit-depth
3:03 Size and Weight
3:20 Monitor Articulation
3:32 Monitor Resolution
3:44 Battery Life
4:05 Media
4:27 Start up time
4:40 Shot Assists
4:54 Low Light Performance
5:31 Dynamic Range
6:02 Rolling Shutter
6:13 Morie
6:20 Auto Focus
8:01 C-log
8:23 Stabilization
8:44 High Frame Rates
8:55 Continuous Shooting
9:24 Connectivity
9:37 Price
10:04 Final Scorecard
10:14 What camera is better?

If you’d like to buy either camera, use these links-
Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS R

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