Our XRP Price Prediction: $95.20 (UPDATE). NBA and Cryptocurrency! Brazilian Banks BLOCK Crypto!!

►BREAKING: NBA player TOKENIZES his MULTI-MILLION dollar contract! Game titan Ubisoft wants to invest in Blockchain, Brazilian Banks are looking to shut down ALL cryptocurrencies in their country and my price prediction MIGHT be a little off. PLUS: What’s up with Coinbase? All this in todays video!

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📈📉TA Weathermen – There are 2 professions in this world where you can be consistently wrong and still keep your job: Weatherman and (TA) Technical Analyst. On this Google Spreadsheet we keep ’em honest with a list of their predictions to see if they’ll actually come true OR be proven wrong…

Story #1 LINK – https://www.coindesk.com/nba-players-contract-tokenization-plan-can-move-forward-reports

Story #2 LINK – https://www.coindesk.com/spencer-dinwiddie-could-decentralize-pro-sports-if-accredited-investors-want-in

Story #3 LINK – https://news.bitcoin.com/video-games-giant-ubisoft-is-looking-for-blockchain-startups-to-support/

Story #4 LINK – https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2020/01/brazilian-banks-could-soon-cut-off-local-cryptocurrency-exchanges-banking-support/

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