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Here are our 3 favorite settings for the touch bar on the Canon EOS R. Many people find the EOS R multifunction touch bar cumbersome and don’t see a use for it, but these 3 custom settings that we go over in the video make the touch bar on the EOS R really useful. Shout out to Canon for supporting this video.

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One complaint we’ve seen repeatedly is that people tend to accidentally activate the touch bar and randomly change their camera settings. It can be frustrating at times as it is extremely sensitive.

Here is our top 3 list of best uses for the EOS R Multi-Function Touch Bar:

– ISO (Left tap to auto ISO, Right tap to ISO 100)
– White balance
– Autofocus (Left tap to enable eye AF, Right tap to enlarge single point frame)

Are there any other ways that you use the multifunction bar that you find useful? Let me know in the comments below.


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