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Origins Interschool 2020

Interschool serves as a platform for new and upcoming dancers to comfortably enter and experience the unique culture and community of Hip-hop we have in Singapore. Its intention is to foster inter-institutional bonds through healthy competition and facilitate deeper cohesion between experienced and fresh members of the dance scene.

*Judges (Bboy):
– Seeker (Checkered Minds)
– Steez (Floorriorz/Take Notice)
– Sean (Pre Skool Funk/ RAW)

*Judges (Hiphop)
– Jeremy (Flair brothers/SWK)
– Andrey (Mad State)
– Kyung (Fakyu)

– Bolo (Flair Brothers)
– DJ SirKid (Underone/WWBB)

– Shawn (Raw Massive)
– Afiq (Easy Sunday)

Filmed by James Chua & Brian Toh
Edited by Richard Prayoga

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