Budget Magic: $59 (48 tix) Izzet Scissors (Pioneer, Magic Online)

This week, we’re heading to Pioneer to play an ultra-budget deck that can be one of the fastest in the format: Izzet Scissors! If the name is confusing, the “Scissors” refers to Ensoul Artifact, a two-mana enchantment that turns a random artifact into a massive 5/5 beater! Throw Skilled Animator into the deck as a backup pair of scissors, and the deck’s goal is to consistently turn something like Ornithopter or Gingerbrute into an evasive 5/5 creature very early in the game and use it to snip our way to victory. How good is Ensoul Artifact in Pioneer in ultra-budget form? Let’s get to the video and find out!

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Match 1: 7:19
Match 2: 20:58
Match 3: 30:37
Match 4: 37:35
Match 4: 47:10

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