What Does 2020 Mean for Bitcoin Cash and BitcoinSV?

We’re back to discuss a whole lot of new developments in big block bitcoin.

A few of the things we cover:

-Will 2020 see a decisive winner?
-Is competition good for bitcoin?
-What’s behind the dramatic price increase on BSV?
-How much market manipulation exists?
-The odds of BSV being a pump & dump scam
-BCH development funding and fighting
-Kim Dotcom and mass adoption of BCH?
-Adoption strategies
-Peter Schiff losing his bitcoin
-And a little teaser about Satoshi and crypto conspiracy theories (hopefully more to come on that)

Hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did. We all share a desire to see global free market money (and everything else bitcoin can do) succeed, and love examining the different efforts and approaches.

Post Author: CoinCryptoNews