The Unsung Hero | Malayalam Documentary | Honorary Captain VRC Panicker | Nidheesh T Mohanan

This is a tribute video about the unsung Hero of India Mr.VRC Panicker who was awarded with Honorary Captain of Indian Army for his excellence in service. He lead his whole life to fight against the evil forces that tried to attack India. On this Republic Day, we present you this Bio-Documentary about VRC Panicker.

Direction, Camera & Editing: Nidheesh T Mohanan
Research & Prodcution: Mindstory Entertainments
Script: C.M Rajesh & Simple Simon
Dubbing Studio: Song Makers
Narration: Madhu Kariyath
Publicity Design: Nidheesh Vrindavanam
Digital Marketing: Midhun Murali
Title: Lijoy Joy
Thanks: Dr. Chandra Mohan, Santha Balan, Santhi Priya, Balachandran Nair
Special Thanks: Sijo Francis, Albert Alby Kallukaran, Firoz Shah


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