Bitcoin Cash's Rough Attempt To Copy Dash

Bitcoin Cash recently announced a rough attempt at a treasury system like Dash’s using the less-than-perfect Bitcoin ecosystem. The result? A less-secure, more centralized version with potential for serious problems. One day those other crypto projects will get the point that having a second-tier masternode network with blockchain voting is a great thing on many levels! But that day is not today.

Original announcement:

NEWSBTC coverage:

CCN later coverage with reaction:

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin weighs in:

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Dash, also known as digital cash, is a new concept in finance. It provides a way for people to maintain their economic freedom when powers seek to force people into trackable electronic transactions. Dash offers ease of use, privacy, security, and speed as you make purchases. Dash is also a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO for short, supported by a P2P network of servers worldwide. There is a limit to the amount of Dash that will ever be created, so no central banking authority will be able to print Dash and create inflation which would subject your wealth to devaluation. It’s your hard-earned money, you have the right to see it maintain its value. Dash is a financial instrument that can impower people in developing countries who are unbanked. This will lead to increased productivity in these countries, and will aid them in purchasing items online. In first world countries, it can be considered an investment for now, worthy of the risk-taker’s portfolio. Accounting is easy with Dash, as all transactions feature instant settlement and recording on the blockchain. In the future Dash will offer savings accounts similar to banks, and a user experience similar to Venmo or Paypal.

In short, Dash is a better money for a better future, and I urge you to download a wallet and let me know you did!

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