Does Liquid Democracy Work? Arthur Breitman of Tezos on its Inner Workings, How it's a Digital Repu

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Arthur Breitman, founder of Tezos, joins Charlie Shrem on this week’s episode of Untold Stories. He explains how Tezos is trying to create a true digital commonwealth by incorporating liquid democracy and POS. Tezos has successfully completed two consensus votes so far and is preparing for its third, all in the span of a few years. Arthur describes his passion for self-amending systems, limited governance and the need to account for innovation while staying decentralized. He explains the difference between implicit and originated accounts. Arthur also delves on the issue of limited feedback due to the development of infrastructure outpacing demand in the crypto space. Last but not least he discusses the best use cases for Tezos in the future which includes prediction markets, gaming, P2P insurance and more.

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