The Tezos Tea Break – Brief Technical Analysis of XTZ – Critical Levels Identified – 17/02

NB, I am not a financial adviser – In this quick five minute run down we look at where the price needs to be to avoid a retrace to the .382 fib level at $2.60 or achieve highs of $3.80.

I am not a financial adviser none of this is Financial Advice.

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Of course this is all speculative and mostly we are concerned in the Rocky Outcrop community with managing risk, people don’t go bust taking profits! Keep it simple, never risk anything you can’t afford.

I will have to update the video intro overlay where I spell financial adviser incorrectly, so far no one has noticed any of the spelling mistakes.

For that I am very grateful but I tend to leave them in for the fun of it when I notice them!

Recently we have witnessed Tezos go to all time highs without having any significant pull back. Could this be a pit stop on the way up or are we actually on the descent back down. The charts are not predictive, the best we can do is manage our own risk and choose areas to be aware of. I help out with some of that for XTZ in this 5 minute video.

Summary of video:
XTZ (Tezos) could be about to start making the Fibonacci retrace look like it could be valid. Downward price target to initially be aware of around $2.60. On the upside lets look out for anything resembling a double top, new highs, higher lows and especially ones that make the fib retrace invalid for now.

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