ETH & BTC Huge Buy Signals – Gaming Big In Crypto – Virtual Land Up For Sale – Govt To Buy BTC?



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00:00 – Intro
00:12 – Welcome
00:47 – Join Premium Group:
02:36 – A look at the markets
03:40 – Bitcoin Technical Analysis
06:24 – Ethereum Technical Analysis
07:42 – Legendary BitMEX Trader Eyes 200% Rally in Bitcoin: Can it Happen?
09:08 – Sandbox Game From Ethereum Sells For $206,000
10:39 – Massive Cryptocurrency Treasure Hunt Set to Kick Off in Blockchain-based Virtual World
11:42 – Enjin Platform: Now Live on Ethereum Mainnet
13:28 – A Defense of This Support Could Send Ethereum on a Massive 200% Rally
14:18 – Bahamas Digital Sand Dollar Expanding to All Islands in Q2 2020
15:05 – Bloomberg’s Newly Released Social Security Plan Could Launch Bitcoin Into Orbit
18:17 – Thank you and Namaste

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