EXCLUSIVE: Bitcoin Cash adds Tether (USDT) to the BCH blockchain

A whole new token ecosystem is coming to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, including stablecoins, security tokens, fractional shares, and all the rest. Tether is set to launch soon, bringing its $4 billion ecosystem to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Plus a new feature called the “Dividend Calculator” which allows the automatic distribution of dividends to any holders of a given token.

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1:00 – Roger Ver’s background in Bitcoin
2:21 – Difference between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bicoin (BTC)
3:36 – Tokens added to Bitcoin Cash blockchain & wallet
5:30 – Why did BCH and BSV split?
7:00 Craig Wright’s lawsuits against Roger Ver and others
8:40 – The need for larger block sizes
10:10 – Abandoning the mining “tax” on BCH and how to fund Bitcoin Cash in the future
12:42 – Simple Ledger Protocol bringing tokenisation to BCH
16:00 – BREAKING: Tether stablecoins are coming to Bitcoin Cash
17:50 – Privacy coming to Bitcoin Cash by default with Cashfushion
18:40 – Will BCH and BSV ever reunite?

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