RIPPLE CEO CNN INTERVIEW Takeaways – XRP Utility Increasing – US Crypto Regulations – Ripple Amazon

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Part 1
– Great overall exposure for the crypto market! NYSE, CNN etc!
– Regulatory Clarity will get better globally! U.S. regulatory clarity possible this year!
– Brad & Ripple meeting with regulators and banks at Davos and around the world.
– Last week did $54 Million in XRP flows into Mexico – 7.5% of all flow from USD to Mexican Peso. Growing quickly!
– Working on other corridors – a lot of demand! Some markets need regulatory clarity. India has been a challenge because of lack of regulatory clarity.

Part 2
– China leading crypto industry with Bitcoin & Ethereum mining.
– Says it’s good and healthy for Crypto market to have Central Banks building CBDCs – leveraging the tech.
– Central banks can use the XRP ledger since it’s open source.
– Customers focused on are Commercial Banks, Payment Providers, looking into other types of customers. Analogy of Amazon as a book store first then expanded into other verticals.
– CBDCs still need bridge asset like XRP
– pretty much says Novogratz is not educated about XRP – LOL

Part 3
– Confirms he is invested in Bitcoin once again. Says Bitcoin’s utility sucks but it’s use case is Digital Gold, a store of value. Believe’s value of Bitcoin will go up.
– As XRP has utility in what Ripple is doing and people using it, Coil, Forte etc, will go up in value.
– Not gonna be one winner in the crypto market – multiple winners because different coins solve different problems. Views Bitcoin as a non competitor! Stop throwing stones!
– Hopes Ripple is like Amazon in 5 years!!
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