Voice Beta Review and EOS Mainnet Updates w/ Yves La Rose (EOS Nation)

EOS Nation co-founder Yves La Rose joins Zack Gall (LiquidApps.io) to discuss the latest behind the scenes look at the collaborative work that’s been happening in the last few weeks between Block.one and the key block producers of the EOS Mainnet. They also discuss the Voice beta launch, their expectations, and what they hope to see moving forward.

00:01 – Intro with Yves LaRose of EOS Nation – Top 21 BP
01:18 – EOS Mainnet Update w. Yves (Stabilization, etc)
11:20 Mainnet Reliability Index Tool from Aloha EOS (BP)
14:00 – Yves freezes up on screen – LOL
14:46 – Brief VOICE FAQ
17:00 – Zack gives his short raw take on Voice
18:41 – WPS Update for EOS Mainnet (Worker Proposal System) – Should be live ~early March 2019
24:05 – The VOICE overview in depth / on screen live begins (Yves and Zack) including: Set Up, KYC walkthrough, tokenomics, communities etc.
49:36 – Yves and Zack discuss early favourite features on VOICE
51:23 Reminder to check your spam folder for B1 comms- Some VOICE emails starting hitting there recently
58:57 – B1 screenshots on Identity / KYC thoughts go-forwards
1:00:24 – B1 Linked In updates, hiring. staffing thoughts (Zack)
1:04:30 – Thoughts on EOS settlement and ID layers/solutions/token liquidity
1:06:25 – Image uploader solution via Mysaic built by Zack and Peter K. (Ties image upload to a multi-chain cryptographic hash (permanent solution)
1:10:17 – B1 promoted posts on Twitter for VOICE (screenshot)
1:14:21 – Zack, Yves gives an overview (brief) of their passions / EOS Nation, Top 21 BP & some of their passions
1:14:33 – Classic awkward closing outro by the guys.

Timestamps by Barry Dutton


Voice KYC On-Boarding Video by Samantha Shaibani

Voice Chain Investigation by James Mart
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