How To Fomo Into Tezos

Use this tutorial to learn how to enter with fiat and trade for Tezos in less than 5 minutes. Best part is when done it will already be in cold storage and you can start staking instantly…and if this video does well I’ll do a video follow up on staking.

-Download Cash App (the one catch is KYC can take time for new users) However once set up, this can be a great method for quick entry:
-Next Download Atomic Wallet. There is an app and a desktop client. I recommend setting up both so you can access your funds at home and on the go. sign-up for airdrop with promo code 142GGB  and get extra 5 AWC tokens.
$XTZ: tz1Upm26bmexdP5Sxm6yNugSYPJsrQFjePdq

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