Bitcoin Cash Development video meeting #2 – February 20th, 2020

The 2nd Bitcoin Cash Development video meeting for 2020 took place on February 20 at 15:00 UTC.

Meeting sponsor:

Amaury Séchet – Bitcoin ABC
Tobias Ruck –
Antony Zegers – Bitcoin ABC
Matias Garcia – BitPay
Chris Troutner –
Jason B. Cox – Bitcoin ABC
Josh Green – Bitcoin Verde

Host: David R. Allen

Goal of the meeting: Discuss May 15th BCH Network Upgrade, Testnet, Spec, Benchmarking studies and more

1 – Discussion of final upgrade items:
a. Chained transaction limit bump from 25 to 50 (non consensus)
b. SigChecks
d. Infrastructure Funding Plan
2 – Other upgrade-related items: Testnet and Specifications.
3 – Cash Stack Benchmark Tests – Results
4 – Additional Items
5 – Questions from the audience.

References and links discussed during the meeting:
Testing Workgroup

Cash Stack Benchmark Tests – Results (Chris Troutner)

Shortened link to the BCH Stack Exchange proposal. We need as many people as possible to ‘commit’ to get this to the next stage.

Linux Foundation:

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