How Neo And Trinity Are Still Alive In The Matrix 4

First Look at The Matrix 4
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There was a time when this fictional franchise was an outstanding movie trilogy but now we can’t wait to see The Matrix 4. We’ll take a first look at an exciting video clip that makes us think this could actually be the best entry yet! Let’s just say that the stunt actors are definitely working overtime this time around, at least based on the stunt test we’ve seen. There will be an exciting new heroine who might just be the most powerful character yet! Forget about the old debate about Trinity vs. Neo; this film could introduce someone mightier than both of those characters. Of course, we can’t wait to see everyone’s favorite star Keanu Reeves back on the big screen, but in the meantime we can take comfort in these on set photos and our own over the top speculation about what could happen next! Based on what we’ve seen happening in San Francisco, this film could be the most action-packed installment so far.

What are your predictions for this film? Do you think it will be the best one in the series so far or is there another one impossible to beat? Make sure to let us know what you think and share your predictions with us in the comment section below. Don’t forget to click on the subscribe button, turn on your notifications, and give us a big thumbs up to stay connected with us here at CBR.


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