Eos R5 – My thoughts and predictions and why I might just get it

This video is based entirely on spec but based on the fact that the current EosR is pretty decent then the EosR5 should be great, right? Well in theory, yes.

Possible reasons to get the Eos R5 (some based on spec):

1. The EosR is already great, this will be like an EosR but way more powerful.
2. Will have great autofocus, possibly the best. Autofocus makes it a lot easier!
3. The new RF lenses are incredible. Especially the 28-70 f2. You could do 90% of your work with just that lens.
4. 45 megapixel sensor will make it a powerful photo camera for commercial work. I.E. large prints.
5. IBIS, ir has IBIS!! Did I mention it’s going to to have ‘GREAT’ IBIS?
6. New sensor. Possibly much better in low light than current EosR.
7. Old Canon glass works flawlessly with adaptor.
8. Full frame sensor all the way.
9. 8k resolution is amazing to have.
10. 4k full frame, not cropped. Hope this is 60fps too!
Some possible issues:

1. May not be as good in low light as competitors.
2. Rolling shutter is bad on current EosR, may be the same.
3. Possibly average dynamic range.
4. Codecs may be same as EosR, not bad but may not have Raw.
5. 8k may be heavily cropped.
6. Possibly no internal 10bit.

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