Neo Will Be Way Darker In Matrix 4

Matrix 4 Will Show Everyone Neo’s True Side
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Matrix 4 is in the works complete with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss at the helm clad in head to toe leather. Again. The pair have been spotted filming atop a motorcycle which leads us to believe there will be many anxiety inducing chase scenes waiting for us. But that’s not all that we can look forward to. The word on the street is that this flick will be a great deal darker than the last three. We know what you’re thinking – weren’t they plenty dark enough to begin with? Lest we forget the scene where Trinity ripped a bug from Neo’s belly button or when Neo lost the ability to speak. Though it seems like won’t ever be able to top moments like these, director Lana Wachowski is up to the challenge. Buckle up as we dive into the mainframe and explore what is sure to be the darkest Matrix film yet. We’ll be first looking at the theory that Neo will come back as a villain. Though some fans suggest that Neo’s mind and spirit have transcended into the Matrix, covering it like a guardian angel – some see things turning out a little differently. As we saw from the fight scene, there are a lot of similarities between Smith and Neo. Some fan theories suggest that Agent Smith was actually a former “One” gone bad. So who’s to say Neo won’t also slip to the dark side? Another theory we’ll be looking at is that Morpheus has actually been evil the whole time. We’ll uncover some hints that now seem obvious to us, including the meaning of his name. Moving on from that, we’ll take a peek at how Trinity will be coming back to life and will end by explaining how Neo might actually be John Wick. Seem crazy? Maybe it is. But maybe, just maybe, we’re onto something.

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