🔥6,000,000 Electroneum (ETN) Giveaway 🔥 | Electroneum LIVE on the BIKI Exchange | ETN Airdrop

6,000,000 Electroneum (ETN) Giveaway | Electroneum LIVE on the BIKI Exchange | ETN Airdrop

Biki is a top 20 cryptocurrency exchange on CoinMarketCap. Based in Singapore.

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1 – Goto — https://my.electroneum.com
This official Website from ETN.
2 – Download App. Your device is Android then click a Google play option. Or click a App store option.
3 – Download App from your chooses option and open The app.
4 – Click a Creat An new account option.
And feel up all details..

Email id, strong password, and App Transaction Pin to 5 digit. And type a Referral code – *(7ECE56)*

5 – Then login Account with your email & password and type a your 5 degite app trassection pin. OK your account is successfully registered.
6 – Goto Last option *More* ?? And see the down typed a *Earn free ETN * option.
7 – see the last down side typed a *Enter Refferal Code* option. Click this option and type a — 7ECE56

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