How Fast are CFexpress Cards? | Canon EOS 1DX Mark iii

Speed. That’s what the new CFexpress type B card is all about. In order to support the crazy powerful new cameras rolling out like the Canon EOS 1DX mark iii, new memory cards capable of keeping up with them like the CFexpress card are crucial. But what makes CFexpress cards so special and how is it different than any other fast card? You’ll find out what you’ll be able to capture on the new CFexpress card vs CFast 2.0 cards, and Compact flash cards. Stick around to find out why you’re going to start seeing many cameras supporting this new CFexpress format.

Canon 1DX Mark iii:

Sony CFexpress type B card:

SanDisk CFexpress type B card:

Other cards featured:

Delkin Devices CFast 2.0 128GB Card:

CFast card reader:

SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash 64GB Card:

CompactFlash card reader:

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