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– Bitcoin (BTC) has hit a new all-time high in terms of hash rate despite dropping almost 12% last week, data suggests. According to various resources tracking hash rate growth on the Bitcoin network, the metric was circling its highest value ever as of March 1.
– Owning cryptocurrency is still considered a risk by institutional investors, according to a March 2 KPMG report shared with Bloomberg. The accounting firm estimated that more than $9.8 billion worth of crypto has been stolen since 2017.
– LINE Targets US Residents With New Crypto Exchange
– Coinbase Joins Japan’s Self-Regulatory Organization for Crypto Firms
– Xpring-Built Team Wins SLOHacks. A remittance payment app using Xpring SDK for XRP and twilio API for SMS in less than 36-hours! A JavaScript browser extension that allows users to purchase goods and services on eBay and Amazon
using XRP and ETH.
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