initial investment of 5 k using coins ph wallet

The initial investment of 5 k using my coins ph wallet. This crypto wallet where you can buy and sell digital assets like bitcoin, ether, and xrp. I will go to observe my investment return (ROI)in the next few months. This only the first step where can I grow my money hoping that the bitcoin price will increase in the next few years. We can not predict the bitcoin price but using this wallet will be the safest place to save money.
My question now: Can I make money using coins ph with the initial investment of 5K?
I watched a lot of many Youtuber videos about coins ph that they make hundreds of dollars from $50 to $ 250 USD per day. If I am going to calculate every detail so if I am going to multiply Usd 50 multiply by 30 days equal to $ 1500 so in Philippine money conversion rate is Php 78,000. i am very impressed with the tactics of how can they make money online.
So I decided to make myself a video about Coins Ph.

This is the things I can do with my coins ph

00:28 Cash in 7 Eleven
1:29 Receive email notification from Coins Ph
1:57 4 digit pin verification security
02:22 successfully transfer Php 5000 pesos in my coin ph wallet
02:48 Check BTC rate
04:27 Converting coins PHP to Bitcoin
06:11 Understanding the bitcoin price history
08.28 Security in your coins ph wallet

proceed with your mobile device and start learning about bitcoin and coins ph. Enjoy your time.

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