THE MATRIX 4 How Neo Is Alive | Best Fan Theories On How The Keanu Reeves Character Will Return

THE MATRIX 4 How Neo Is Alive | Best Fan Theories On How The Keanu Reeves Character Will Return. If you’re wondering How Neo Is Alive in The Matrix Reboot this is the video for you. We discuss the best ways he and Trinity can come back.

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With Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss officially returning to the roles of Neo and Trinity for the upcoming film, many are wondering how they’re both still alive.

Oop bit early with the spoilers there.

Anyway throughout this video we’re gonna be going over the best theories on how the characters will return and what could be happening in the film. This includes a Matrix within a Matrix, Neo being a program, The Matrix Movies being Movies in The Matrix and yeah some crazy crazy stuff.

The Matrix Revolutions Ending Explained

Ok so the last time we saw Neto was at the end of the Matrix Revolutions after the character was assimilated by Agent Smith. Because the character was connected to the source through a direct line it was able to delete the villain and all of his duplicates.

The series as a whole was full of Christ metaphors and the trilogy ended with the christ like figure being carried away by machines to machine city showing his trancension from his body into the spirit.

So the character was pretty much dead but similar to Christ there was lip service paid to the fact that the character could rise again and this was given further weight in closing of Revolutions.

Sati asked Oracle if we would ever see him again and she said ‘I suspect so’ meaning that there is indeed precedence for his return.

NEO Is A Simulation

Now the first theory actually ties in quite a bit with the Oracle and Sati themselves. During the trilogy we learn that both characters and infact a range of others are programs themselves that have evolved in certain ways, broken free of the system and carved out their own lives.

The death of Gloria Foster, who originally played the part, forced the producers of the movie to recast the role and they put it in the hands of Mary Alice.

This shows that it is possible for Programs to change their appearance so it is possible that Neo himself is a program and that his appearance has been selected for a specific reasion.

This would allow him to return and it would blow my mind if he was actually part of the machine forces. This would massively subvert expectations and it could be a plan by them to control the humans by appearing as their saviour.

Where this falls down is that I can’t really see the Wachowski siblings bringing the character back just to pull the rug out from under our feet. I think some fans would be disappointed if we were just following a machine, though there were theories that this was always the case. Personally I can’t see it but it is indeed a possibility hence why I’ve included it.

NEO Has Died Before

The second theory is slightly more straightforward and it states that Neo will just come back to life much in the same way that he came back in the initial film.

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