SwissBorg DAO talk #31/50: Crypto reloading? SushiSwap, Yield farming, Kyber & Compound explained!

Welcome back to our CEO’s weekly Pow Wow n°31, where he covers the latest news around #Cryptocurrencies, #Blockchain, #Defi, and #Finance. Today we deep-dive into the markets, two trendy Defi projects: Kyber Network and Compound, including some juicy updates at SwissBorg.

As always, our host Cyrus Fazel, the founder and proud CEO of SwissBorg is always here to serve you!

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00:00 Intro
00:58 Influencers talking about SwissBorg
02:29 SwissBorg DAO portrait
03:59 Market updates
05:16 Altcoin opportunities
05:56 SushiSwap
09:46 Kyber Network
13:00 Compound
14:08 Demo with Metamask
17:16 Community App updates
18:00 Wealth App updates

Post Author: Kane Dane