Ep.1: Depth-First Search – LeetCode Problems That Got Me Hired

In this video, I break down depth-first search, which is a generic but extremely versatile pattern that you NEED to be comfortable with in a software engineering interview. I primarily talk about 3 problems: Letter Combinations of a Phone Number, Number of Islands, and N-Queens.

I’m starting this series where I dissect crucial coding interview patterns and discuss LeetCode problems I’ve done (while prepping for my own interviews) that I think are particularly essential. My goal is not to make tutorials on specific problems, but to highlight key takeaways and expose underlying algorithmic patterns.

⏲ Timestamps ⏲
0:00 – Introduction
1:44 – Overview of DFS
2:47 – Letter Combinations of a Phone Number
8:02 – Number of Islands
11:54 – N-Queens
16:27 – Other Use Cases of DFS
19:07 – Closing Thoughts

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😬 About Me 😬
I’m a software engineer at Google, where I previously interned for two summers. I recently graduated from college as a computer science major. Now I sit in my room and talk to my camera to compensate for the fact that I have no social life.

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Post Author: Kane Dane