Lisk Community Meetup #15 | The Moosty Team – Recurring Payments

Hi all!

We organize a weekly online community stand-up for the Lisk Community.


17:00-17:05 – Opening by Lisk Center Utrecht
17:05-17:30 – Jurre Machielsen – Recurring Payments
17:30-17:45 – Q&A
17:55-18:00 – Community Get-to-know / 1 minute pitch room

About Recurring Payments:
Recurring Payments is a proof of concept made with the Lisk SDK. It shows a relatively simple technical solution utilizing custom transactions to build a deterministic contract between two parties (peer to peer). It allows you to set up a contract with anyone who creates an account (wallet) in the system. The accounts, the contract, all of its changes, and all the activities are stored on the blockchain, which was specifically created for this PoC.

Apply for funding up to 2500 CHF for your proof of concept via

Post Author: Kane Dane