How To Buy Digibyte Quickly (and store it safely)

How To Buy Digibyte Quickly (and store it safely)
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Since its launch, DigiByte developed an ecosystem designed to counter what its creators saw as the major challenges facing mainstream and better-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. With its DigiByte token (DGB) and a decentralized public blockchain focused on speed and security, DigiByte hopes to outperform its competitors by tackling the following issues:

1. DigiByte wants to be your faster-than-average network. DigiByte is described as having the fastest block generation speed of all public UTXO blockchains (Bitcoin, Litecoin) in operation today. In addition to this, it boasts early SegWit (Segregated Witness) implementation and calculated limiting of the scope and size of transactions in order to maintain their efficiency and processing capacity.

2. Security should not be the Achilles heel of the crypto world. DigiByte team believes that its blockchain implementation is capable of plugging the majority of potential security-related leaks thanks to its global- level decentralization involving more than 200,000 computers, phones, nodes and servers. In addition to this, Digibyte also implemented its pioneering DigiShield and MultiShield technologies to manage the difficulty stability and protect itself from recurring malicious attacks.

3. Blockchain implementation needs to be more forward-thinking in its application. At DigiByte, this issue is approached by keeping an eye on three key technologies that have developed in parallel with the blockchain: cybersecurity, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). DigiByte hopes to extend its innovations in security to IoT devices and combine its blockchain tech with AI in order to deliver more in the field of data analytics, cyber security and automation.

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