Best Bang for the Buck Mining GPU for Ethereum 5600XT 6GB DDR6

By far, bar none, the AMD 5600XT Series is a sleeping dragon when it comes to potential for Etash mining. The efficency is nearly off the proverbial mining scale raking in a crazy 38.7mh @ 75w or 43.3mh @ 85w. The numbers is just crazy and that is with NO BIOS modding, crazy power tweaking, its just plugging the GPU in and using the driver tools that come with the windows driver. Linux testing is resulting the same! Using Simplemining just use the same settings (1300 core, 860 memory @ 800mv core) to get the same results.

Best Lean setup 6x 5600XT 6GB Mining Rig
6x AMD 5600XT Series – or
6x Risers –
Gigabyte H110-D3A Mining Board –
7th Gen Celeron Processor –
eVGA Supernova P2 1000 PSU –
Ledgerware 6U Mining Case –
Crucial 128GB SSD –

Or you can use these GPUs
6x GTX 1660Ti 6GB (30MH each) –
6x AMD 5700XT 8GB Cards(60MH Each)
This will result in a 6x 30.5MH = 183mh @ 505w Power Usage details on settings

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