Cracking the Cardano Code

Cardano Secrets : Today, I’m sharing with you all the hidden secrets behind Cardano characters and mythical references. At the end of this video, you will understand why, cardano is one of my favourite project : it’s paying attention to every little detail.

00:01 Introduction
01:43 Gerolamo Cardano
03:35 Lord Byron
04:55 Ada Lovelace
05:50 Percy Shelley
07:00 Joseph Goguen
07:42 Matsuo Basho
08:25 Voltaire
09:40 Yoroi
10:25 Daedalus
11:37 Ouroboros
12:08 Jorgunmandr
13:05 Plutus
13:40 Marlowe
15:21 Quote of the day

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