Canon EOS R1X, Nikon D900, SONY a9 III Coming Soon?!

Welcome to my 2021 Predictions. What do Nikon, Canon and Sony have in store for NEW bodies? What does SIGMA and Tamron have in store in the way of lenses….will they bring us some RF and Z mount lenses, or just stick with E mount?

Will Nikon hit us with more DSLR’s like the D860 or D900? Will they bring out a PRO Mirrorless in the way of a Z8 or Z9? Can CANON continue their FIRE year into 2021 with more winning mirrorless cameras? Will Sony wake up and take back their crown? Well, there’s only one way to actually find out for sure….that’s to wait. If you don’t want to wait, here’s my predictions for the Camera industry in 2021.

This video was filmed with the Canon EOS R5
Canon EOS R5 on Amazon

00:08 Prediction Intro
01:30 Nikon Predictions
6:14 Canon Predictions
10:45 Sony Predictions
14:32 Lens Predictions

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