Bitcoin V/s Digibyte (Based on Fundamentals & Facts)

Let us compare The oldest Cryptocurrency Bitcoin with the more advanced Digibyte.
I’ll make a part 2 & A Better One Soon 🙂
Wish You All, A Happy New Year 2021

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This is My First Video, Since Digibyte is such an amazing project i thought of making the first video on it. I Will Improve The Quality of my videos as i keep making more 🙂

The Digibyte Community is ever-growing, Digibyte is what Bitcoin was supposed to be, Digibyte has solved issues which bitcoin will be facing in the next couple decades, Bitcoin might have been the first cryptocurrency to start decentralization, but digibyte has the potential to surpass bitcoin.

See the intrinsic value of the cryptocurrency not the value in fiat.
Sooner or Later Digibyte will get it’s rightful place amongst the top cryptocurrencies, Digibyte is One of The Best Examples of True Decentralization.

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