Lego Martian Manhunter "Survivor" A [LDCN] Film

Martian Manhunter “Suviour” Follows J’ohn J’onzz after the destruction of his home world mars, as he struggles to cope with the loss of his freinds and family, while trying to live a life on earth as a detective for the MPD but his past eventuality catches up with his in a unsettling way.

Directed By L Brick Studios

Written By L Brick Studios and Instant Motion Films

Thumbnail by Electric Lego


J’ohn J’onzz/MM – Funnee Bones
Eliza J’onzz/ MM’s wife – Echosapa
Malekif J’onzz – Twy B
Clark Kent/ Superman – Flash lego Productions
Lieutenant Jamison – Coulter Rail
Everyone else – L Brick Studios

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