00:00 Opening
00:17 Announcement: BTC Chart weekly chart – writing history
01:38 Announcement: USD Tether problem announcement
02:02 Announcement: Exchanges removing privacy coins
02:18 Announcement: FinCen annnounces FBAR
02:36 Welcome to the honorable chat
04:00 Webinar shoutout
04:47 Wisdom 1: There is nothing selfish about wanting to be rich
06:00 Wisdom 2: Financial gurus now bullish about Bitcoin. They have no clue and no knowledge
07:12 Wisdom 3: ETH coming to institutional trading
08:00 Coingecko market overview – Meme coins explained (Doge, Litecoin)
10:00 Privacy coins will be delisted – regulations going parabolic. Only ETH tradingpairs will be safe because of DEX-es
12:06 Trade Monero through bisq network – Trade Monero to bitcoin
13:19 BTC yearly chart – Asset in price discovery
14:50 BTC quarterly chart – Most insane quarter ever
15:08 BTC weekly chart – up and up and up, fibonacci explanation, double bubble
18:18 BTC monthly chart – If we close 30K we get a monster candle up to 50K
19:29 BTC weekly chart – never forget the dump, lot of corrections in 2017.
20:49 BTC monthly chart – never enter god mode! The pump will stop someday
21:55 BTC 4 hour chart – rising wedge forming. But we are still bullish on all timeframes
23:09 ETH daily chart – ETH waiting for BTC
23:21 byBit shoutout
24:02 Summary bullish case and bearish case BTC + double bubble
24:27 Fear & Greed index + parabolic movements explained. No need to predict the top. Just watch the movements
26:25 Song UACA – Like Subscribe Bell Button All + shoutout
28:43 FinCEN amending FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Regulation) rules – Clinton Donnely shoutout,

30:49 Privacy coins being removed from exchanges, Bank Secrey Act, KYC incoming!!
32:54 USDT next one to be pursued by SEC – crypto’s dirty little secret of 2021
34:15 USDT yearly chart – correlation with BTC is there
35:25 As long as USDT is printing, BTC will keep pumping. Use it as a metric
36:24 US Treasury says: USDT (+stablecoins) can be seen as a security – When you issue debt it can be seen as a security
38:25 Potential 1 trillion dollar lawsuit against Tether. FUD?? Maybe, maybe not
40:29 BitMex case as example. Sued overnight
41:50 Tether printing BTC price correlation chart
43:30 Prediction 2021 will be the year of ETH and DOT and maybe Cardano + Layer2 ETH
44:34 DeFiChain (DFI) chart
45:07 Anthony Sassano predictions for 2021 about ETH
46:20 Sovryn + Rootstock explained – Renaissance of BTC DeFi possible
48:50 Polkadot chart
48:58 TrustSwap ecosystem – Empire coin
50:10 Privacy coins thoughts
50:59 PAID network
51:24 Q1: Any news on Exeed me (XED)? – Be on Polkastarter. Never buy the initial pump because of the bot buy-up problem
54:16 Q2: You don’t like anonymous projects? Isn’t DuckDao anon?
54:49 Q3: Question about TrustSwap contracts?
55:10 Q4: Polkadot bridge. How does it work? Go look at Darwinia RING
56:14 Q5: What about Cardano?
59:59 Closing thought: Metamask grew because of DeFi Summer. New wallets need to be user friendly. You need a degen rush into your ecosystem
01:01:26 Webinar shoutout
01:02:14 Q6: NUPL? If we keep pumping past 31K we will be in a double bubble (bull market with two blow of tops)
01:04:50 Q7: Would it be good for BTC to go sideways for a month?
01:05:30 Q8: Do we have a mole in AKALA?
01:06:05 Q9: Can you explain the difference between UTRUST and PLU?
01:07:50 Closing thought: Never use Coinbase Commerce! It is a disaster to use without support. UTrust is paradise.
01:10:49 Q10: Do you have different wallets for personal and business? Be as spread out as possible
01:11:55 Q11: Which hardware wallets are bset
01:12:33 Q12: Could we change the 21 million hardcap of BTC? What would the scenario look like? We would need social consensus and a (hard)fork

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