Bitcoin & Ethereum growth signal. Important changes in the cryptocurrency market. BTC ETH prediction

On January 3, 2021, on its 12th birthday, Bitcoin hit a new ATH of $34,538. The following day, Ethereum went up almost 50%, and then the price stabilized above $1,000. In turn, Bitcoin went into correction below $29,000 for Bitcoin, but that’s when the pressure from the sellers eased and the bulls got the price back above $31,000.

In this video we’re analyzing the reasons for the BTC and ETH growth and making a prediction for the future. What are the odds Bitcoin could drop to $20,000 when it could happen, and what do the retail and institutional investors in the cryptocurrency have to do with it? In the second part of the video we’re discussing the prospects of Ether to reach the $2,000 mark in January 2021.

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