Safex – CPU Mining Safex CASH – easy! miners wanted! privacy crypto currency e-commerce blockchain

Mining reward increased to 200 SFX on 1th of september 2020.
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Safex is currently utilising the RandomSFX mining algorithm, that is optimized for general-purpose CPU’s. Everyone can easily start mining!

Safex is a privacy e-commerce blockchain, with its own crypto currency Safex Cash. The marketplace and e-commerce protocol are about to be released this summer. Also the block reward increases this summer! – official website of Safex Foundation – build your SFXOS rig! – development site – the Safex forum – community driven safex news network – arcticles on safex by crypt∞li

Please care for distribution of hashpower over different pools, so don’t neccesairily pick the one with most power:


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