Ethereum mining – Windows 10 Gaming PC – To Binance Wallet / Pool

Check overclock settings and the efficiency of your graphics card here (not listed, not profitable):
Binance account:
Miner account/name:
Miner software:
MSI Afterburner:

1. Create Binance account and verify E-mail:

2. Setup Miner account/name:

3. Download Miner software:

4. Extract to C:

5. Edit “ETH-binance-default-group.bat” to use your Miner account

6. Add “t-rex.exe” to Virus & threat protection exceptions

7. Start Miner (You are now mining Ethereum!)

8. Copy “ETH-mining-binance.vbs” to AutoStart (WIN+R, shell:startup)

9. Download and install MSI Afterburner:

10. Tweak: Memory Clock, Power Limit and Core Clock
NOTE: The point here is to maximize MH/s and kH/W while keeping the system stable and cool

11. Apply overclock at Windows startup, Start with Windows

(Not optional)
12. Profit! 😀

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