Verge XVG 51% Attacked? Not Exactly… (Re-org Explained)

The Verge XVG Blockchain just underwent an unsuccessful attack. Today I bring you my findings on the situation, if they were actually 51% attacked, and anything else relevant.

If there is anything I missed or got wrong in this video, PLEASE let me know down below.

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❓ What is your opinion on this situation? Do you think a 51% occurred? Did the Verge team do the right thing?
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0:00 How it was Discovered
1:09 What Happened
2:30 Re-org Explained
3:40 Re-org Attack Explained
5:36 Official Statement by Verge
6:30 Resolution
8:45 Current Situation
9:35 FUD?
10:56 My Thoughts

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