Series Final Week! VRC Pro Fear Farm MOD Buggy Qualifiers – Netcruzer RC

Series Final Week for VRC Ontario Winter 2021. MOD Buggy Qualifiers at Phoenix Fear Farm USA RC Track with an RC racing simulator. VRC adapters for Receivers:
MPS VRC Pro USB adapter from BEGO Racing –
Get a VRC Pro USB adapter – NEW UNICORN VRC Pro USB adapter by Gravity RC –
NEW 4 channel VRC Pro USB adapter from CANADA –
NEW 4 channel Team Cheater VRC Pro USB adapter from Rob Wheeler (Canada) – Search on Facebook
9TURBO official VRC Pro USB adapter –

FlySky Noble NB4 Radio –
Noble NB4 2 receiver bundle –
Sanwa Radio and Sanwa receivers –

John Kennedy / Netcruzer RC
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