BitMax – BTMX Price Prediction – Why BTMX Will Give INSANE GAINS/ROI Over Binance Coin – BNB in 2020

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This video covers BitMax and its native token BTMX.
It covers why BitMax is an up-and-coming crypto exchange and why I believe the ROI on BTMX token will FAR outstrip Binance Coin – BNB in 2020 into 2021 and beyond!

BitMax was built by Wall Street trading veterans. It is a Singapore-based global operator of cryptocurrency platform with wide range of products and services for global retail and institutional clients with focus on transparency, reliability and quality.

BTMX is the non-refundable functional utility token used as the unit of exchange between participants on BitMax. BTMX provides a convenient and secure mode of payment & settlement between participants who interact within BitMax’s ecosystem.


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