Cardano Price Breaks $1 + Next Price Levels | 20k Subs 🔥

Last night the Cardano price smashed through $1 and didn’t look back. It really was a great day to be an ADA holder. In this video I talk about the price action and take a look at what the next levels are for Cardano both on the upside and the downside for any pull backs.
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The channel has also crossed 20k subscribers which is a huge milestone so thank you to everyone that continues to watch, comment and like the videos.

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** Timestamps **
0:00 Intro To Cardano Price $1
0:26 20k Subs Thank You
0:32 Stake Pool Over 20M Stake
3:33 ADAUSD price Update
7:06 Cardano All Time High
9:51 ADABTC Price
11:20 ADAETH Price
12:04 Summary of Cardano $1

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Disclaimer: Everything in this video is my own opinion and is not financial advise as I am not a financial advisor. I am just a random guy on the internet with a big passion for crypto and Cardano

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